San Diego Surf Polo 2018 Schedule

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The San Diego Surf Polo Club is launching the 2018 Season with great additions to our leadership, and a fresh take on Sunday Polo. We will have a full season of exciting Sunday Polo events, each with a thrilling highlight such as visiting teams from other countries & clubs, a battle of the chefs, wine tasting, and more! Experience San Diego Surf Polo as the Club settles into a new and compelling era.

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Dear Circuit Governor Walker,  Please note this letter We will be sending out announcing our season final match which will be played as a fund raiser for the benefit of the Polo Museum and Hall of Fame.  A press release will follow this email.   We are requesting your support for this event and Please forward to your  circuit members and friends you feel who would have interest.  We hope to see you for this event at San Diego Surf Polo Club.  Please feel free to call me directly at my cell (949) 244-5302 with any questions.  My Best, Mike Farah