Private Polo & Riding Lessons

SDSPC offers individualized private and group polo and horseback riding lessons for all levels, designed to introduce you to riding, build confidence, or fine tune your skills and increase your ability as an experienced player to help you reach your goals. Our instructors offer private and group instruction for beginners through competitive players, and specialize in creating well rounded horseman with honed skills and a passion for the sport.

Beginners will learn the basics, get hooked on the sport of polo, and quickly become integrated into our welcoming social scene.

Intermediate and advanced players will also benefit from high level instruction with our seasoned instructors, who will help you take your game to the next level and reach your goals.

SDSPC offers safe and fun school horses, mallets, whips, and helmets


Group Lessons (arena only)

$125 per lesson (1 hour)

Pack of 6 group lessons: 6 for $600

Private Lessons

Private grass polo lesson: $175 (available on on designated days, TBA)

Private arena polo lesson (1 hour): $150

Private basic riding lessons: $85

Cancha Pequena Coaching League

Cancha Pequena (small field) Coaching League is an instruction league designed to take Polo School graduates, arena players, and grass players who are new to the field to a level of skill and confidence to be competent, safe, and competitive grass polo players. Cancha Pequena Coaching League is set on a half size to 3/4 sized grass field where four team of four players rotate through 7 minute chukkers (periods) of slower paced, coached play, two teams at a time. Two professional players coach participants on rules, penalties, strategy, and help troubleshoot issues with swing mechanics and other key elements during play. Note that play is stop and go, with a lot of coaching and discussion – this is an opportunity to learn while getting the feel for a faster paced, more open type of polo match.

Cancha Pequena Coaching League is available to the following participants:

  • Polo School StepUP graduates
  • Students with 4+ months of private or group polo instruction
  • Arena players with at least 2 months experience in arena club chukkers or tournament play at any club
  • Grass players with LESS than 2 years experience on the grass (and that have not played higher than 4 goal grass polo)



$150 per session

*Cancha Pequena Coaching League dates/times TBA

CONTACT GILLIAN YOUNG FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO SIGN UP FOR LESSONS: 619.977.1875  moc.o1544908943lopfr1544908943usoge1544908943idnas1544908943@nail1544908943lig1544908943



Polo School StepUP is a 6 week course offered at SDSPC in both the fall and spring, beginning fall 2018. The spring session runs from May to June, and the fall season runs from September through October, specific dates TBA. Instruction is offered 3 days per week, with 2 days of riding and 1 ‘strategy session’ clinic per week.

Course Includes:
Horsemanship & Riding Skills
Game strategy & Rules
Hitting mechanics
Classroom chalk talks & Strategy

Coaching Chukkers (practice matches)
Student Requirements:
Basic Riding Experience (private lessons available throughout the year)
Boots with a heel

*Students with little or no riding experience are encouraged to
contact the polo office to schedule riding lessons prior to polo school.
Contact Gillian Young at 619.977.1875 or  moc.o1544908943lopfr1544908943usoge1544908943idnas1544908943@nail1544908943lig1544908943

The San Diego Surf Polo Club provides:

Once you graduate from StepUP, you’ll be eligible to join the arena club chukker program. Polo School graduates must play a minimum of 3 months as an arena member to qualify to participate in grass polo tournament leagues.

Reserve your space early to join this United States Polo Association approved program, developed by the famous Houston Polo Club in Houston, Texas and proven at USPA clubs across the country

Interested in finding out more or reserving your space in the Polo School Step UP Program this winter?
Gillian Young at 619.977.1875 or  moc.o1544908943lopfr1544908943usoge1544908943idnas1544908943@nail1544908943lig1544908943 for more information.