2018 Polo Offerings


  • 0 - 2 Goal 1 Pro/3 Amateur Tournament Grass League
  • International 6 - 8 Goal Feature Matches at Sunday Polo (1 Patron, 3 Pros per team with 2 competing teams)
  • Arena Polo Club Chukker Membership with Monthly Tournaments
  • Private Grass and Arena Polo Lessons
  • 6 Week Long Polo School Intensive STEP-UP Program, designed to take you from beginner to competent player through the nationally recognized Step UP program, endorsed by the United States Polo Association. StepUP launches during our 2017 winter season - dates TBA


Learn more about our programs below!


IF YOU WOULD LIKE MORE INFORMATION ABOUT PLAYING POLO AT SDSPC PLEASE CONTACT: moc.o1544907898lopfr1544907898usoge1544907898idnas1544907898@rega1544907898nam1544907898


We are proud to announce that our brand new polo arena is completed and open for classes, chukkers, clinics, and tournaments.


Year Round Arena Polo

We are be proud to offer a new year round arena program, including club chukkers three days per week and monthly arena tournaments. Our brand new, state of the art polo arena includes custom footing, drainage system, and safety walls.

Also taking place in our new arena will be the Polo School Step UP Program, and the Interscholastic League for our competitive juniors.